Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Don’t Waste Your Ink

Since 1993 how many letters concerning the Gun Laws have been sent to newspaper editors, individual Members of Parliament (Garry Breitkreuz in particular), the Prime Minister of the day and assorted Ministers of Security?

How many dollars have been wasted by the federal government on the one side and personal wealth on the other for “0” net gain. Keep in mind that the Billions of tax dollars were YOUR money too; the ‘gov’mint has no money except yours.

Question #3: What has been the net result of all of this effort?

I say zero and defy anyone to argue the point.

Well then, fifteen years later is it not long past time that we quit this wasted effort and sought another strategy; one that will work? Those who ponder this point and then continue doing nothing but write letters, whine into their coffee cups and make fists in their pockets are really cowards “working for the government gun-grabbers”.

Regarding the latest federal election, the MGR makes no claim, but 200,000 voters more than those in 2006 parked their votes with the Green Party. The net result was to deny any party a majority; to deny any party the unopposed right to take the gun grab to the next stage. We have gained a reprieve to take our attack to the next stage..

Do we dare!

There are at most a couple of hundred true patriots fighting full time for YOUR right to have weapons for your self defence. They (we) could use some support from the several millions who stand to benefit from the actions of we couple of hundred.

We cannot believe that the masses will only wake up when it is obviously too late.

I, for one, think that a little shock treatment is needed. This will require an advertising campaign and such ventures cost money. The small group of activists have each spent thousands of dollars of their own coin fighting the gun grabbers over the last fifteen years. Some of it was wasted, for example the several millions that disappeared during the reign of Jim Hinter and Dave Tomlinson of the N.F.A. But there have been others, all who have gained the combined total of zero yardage.

Before anyone starts proclaiming that the several amnesties are a gain; they were only ‘time outs’ declared by the opposition coaches while they sought ways to win the game by changing the rules in the middle of the first quarter. None of these amnesties has helped us one little bit, unless being lulled to sleep is considered to be a ‘help’

There are several groups who have chosen to comply with the bureaucratic rules and regulations. These are the competition shooters, gun dealers and collectors. The last two groups are in a serious bind because their income and equity are at risk. The competition shooters, all hobbyists on an ego trip, should have hung up their guns in protest in 1996. And before there is a loud clamour for my hide I will point out that I shot rifle and shotgun competitively and successfully for many years. I quit cold when I realized that such shooting was no longer the means to an end, improved marksmanship skills to enhance my value as an Air Force fighter pilot, but had become ends in themselves. The net result was a bunch of patches on the backs of my shooting jackets. Target shooting had become an ego trip, pure and simple. I see the same thing going on in every Rod and Gun Club that I visit.

I see compliant shooters on an ego trip. I no longer waste time talking to these folks, any more than I would spend two seconds talking to most movie stars and politicians. They are too much in love with themselves to ever react logically to a logical argument. They live a life of lies. How can they understand truth?

There are few ways that a busy working man can aid the cause. Only a cash donation can speak for him – he is too busy otherwise. But he can encourage his fellow shooters to do some serious thinking .If every gun owner who knows he will be gunless if he does nothing would donate a small percentage of his total equity in firearms and associated equipment we could do something. For most of us about $50 would be just 1%. For some of us serious hunters $200 would just be 1%. That is only 1% when we stand to lose a hundred times that if the Canadian Government follows the lead of EVERY OTHER COUNTRY IN THE WESTERN WORLD, SAVE THE U.S.

And I make a special point. This is not just a ‘boy’ thing. Our spouses will lose their 50% spousal equity when the Gunstapo kick in the door. Gals, it’s your fight too.

It is absolutely certain that we would long since have gone the way of all European countries were it not for the Second Amendment. But American gun owners are under constant attack from the majority, as are we. But we are mutually supportive. If both of us resist with determination the efforts of the majority to disarm the minority, for that is what we are doing, we shall finally prove that “Democracy” is not a matter of

“Two wolves and one lamb discussing what to have for dinner”.

Therefore, my fellow countrymen have no right to try to deprive me of that which I was born with, “My Right to defend my life, my family and my property”.

I will do this anyway and I will do everything possible, including risking my life, to achieve a level playing field. I must be as well armed as all my potential predators.

Will you get off your fat, complacent backside and support the Morning Glory Rebels? Have you a better idea? Will you just do something positive?

Contact me at tester13@direct.ca

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Double Trouble for the Major Political Parties

A preliminary analysis of the 2008 election results in British Columbia, reveals a trend to a large swing to the Green Party at the expense of the CPC, LPC and NDP. The Greens have gone from a provincial average of 5.3% of the vote in 2006 to 9.4%. which is an increase of 76%. We must await the official results to become available in a few weeks for total accuracy but for our purposes we will celebrate nearly double as a confirmation that the Morning Glory Rebellion may have achieved some result in our plan to warn the established parties that we have had enough!

Regardless of whatever or whoever was responsible, unhappy people are parking their votes and thus the three major parties all suffered a loss of voter support..

I am sure that Stephan Dion, for his failure, will be down the road by next Spring.

When that happens, Caesar Stephanus will start to panic in fear of the inevitable election call and subsequent Liberal resurgence. This is especially dangerous for him if a bilingual Anglo like Frank McKenna of New Brunswick becomes the new leader of the Liberal Party.If in doubt, read Canadian political history. Also plaguing him will be the government accounts which will be fairly well depleted due to world economics, low oil, gas and uranium prices, low personal income tax and corporate returns and his drunken bribing during the recent election run-up.

The Morning Glory Rebellion will now enter phase 2; an advertising campaign and concurrent fund raising effort. All money will be split evenly between funding the advertising and the WRT Legal Aid Fund, which was recently depleted in order to support four current legal Charter Challenges to the Firearms Act . Those four separate cases are being fought by Bruce Montague, Mike Kearney, Ed Hudson and Ed Scherbey.

Donations will be gladly accepted and used for the stated purpose. If you wish for anonymity make your payment to me, in person, by Postal Money Order and mail to:

Willy Floyd,
The Morning Glory Rebels,
Box 193,
Westbridge, B.C. V0H 2B0

All Donations will be acknowledged with receipt and record kept on a secret (paper) file.

The Morning Glory Rebellion was so designed that no one would know who is involved other than me. I do not know who you are and no one will ever know who voted Green because of my appeal. We will be ready to fight the battle again if the Conservatives do not wake up and dump the Firearms Act and replace it with legislation that attacks criminal behavior without intruding in any way on the lawful activities of law abiding gun owners. Self defence is our Right and we demand that our government acknowledge it rather than forcing us to constantly grovel for what is inherently ours.

God granted us all that freedom but governments want to take it away. They might do so on paper (such as Bill C 68 (1995) but no one can take the right of self defence away from a person UNLESS THAT PERSON AGREES. Even then, that forfeiture cannot apply to another human.

Those who have registered themselves as gun owners may have compromised their right of self defence in the eyes of the bureaucracy and the courts but the fact remains that while you are alive you can redeem that right on demand. Do it! Demand to be de-registered.

Willy Floyd

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Why Gamble - Your Way to Victory is Clear

The Following message was posted today to the Canadian Firearms Digest. It might be meaningful to all disgruntled Canadians.

Less than two weeks to go so there is lots of time to consider the options we face. There are only two that make any sense.

Cross your fingers, pray, and vote for Harper when every evidence points to a continued pressure by his Party to eventually remove all firearms, or

Park your vote temporarily with the Greens, knowing full well that they can never even form a minor opposition. Know that in B.C. in 2006 the average number of votes that won a Riding was 23,136 votes.

Which of the 36 Ridings in B.C. is likely to produce 23,000 votes for the Greens, no matter how many are convinced to go that route?


No Green Candidate elected means absolutely no input into the Gun Debate, their stated policy be damned, but......

vote Green and hand Harper another minority and watch the sparks fly! Let Harper see how many citizens are cheesed off by his continuous enforcing of the LIEBERAL Gun Laws, buying of votes, especially in Ontario & Quebec, Race-Based salmon fishery in B.C., Income Trust cock-up, ad nauseum and we will see a change of attitude or we will see a change of the residents at 24 Sussex.

Let him see that he cannot ever win a majority without the EARNED supposrt of we two million plus honest, trustworthy Canadians. Then you will see him do what he has to do and EARN THAT SUPPORT. He must eventually force another election by introducing a "Repeal C 68 Bill". Then he may win a majority.

Or, you can retreat back to square one, try to give him a majority now without him ever giving you reason to trust him and we can do a tearful prayer dance around a massive pile of walnut gunstocks.

I will bet my next pension cheque that on the 14th many of you "Doubting Thomases" will see the light and give Lizzy May your $ 1.70.

It will be the cheapest investment you have ever made for your grandchildren's future rights. They do not have any at present.

For the good of us all let us see some of that 1812, VIMY and JUNO BEACH SPIRIT. We must strike strategically.

Sunday, September 7, 2008



Now that the election has been called you have 30 days to decide what you are going to do. If you are truly happy with Harper’s handling of things over the last two and a half years, then vote for him, by all means. If you are UNHAPPY you must make a voting choice that will express your unhappiness. It is too late now to talk of joining the CPC and voice your opinion at the next local Association meeting.

Let’s talk choices, there are only five,

1) Vote for another major party candidate but first take a good hard look at Dion and Layton and what they can or will do for you,

2) Vote for all candidates, thus spoiling your ballot and tell them all that you are unhappy. This will not send a message to anyone.

3) Do not vote. This will send a message to no one because they will not know why you did not vote.

4) Park your vote with the Green Party Candidate - there will be one in all 308 Ridings. That will upset the results in at least 28 Ridings and will result in another minority CPC government. It will also be the eventual death knell to both Harper and Dion because they will quickly lose the support of their political party’s hierarchy. If the Greens do win a couple of seats as a result of a mass parking of votes they will have no influence in a parliament of any mixture.

5) Or vote for a Libertarian Candidate if one is running in your Riding. They will not likely win even one seat, but their rise in popularity will, like an increase in the Green Party’s success, be taken as a warning that the vox populi is indeed sending ‘them’ a serious warning. That warning is “Live up to the promises and commitments you made in 2006, or else!”

Whether your gripe has to do with income trusts, oil revenues, corporate welfare, gun control, race-based fisheries, judicial weakness, health care or favouritism to Quebec, only one of the above 5 choices is likely to see a noticeable improvement in the next few years. Harper faces an internal revolution in his party if he does not win a majority this time, and he won’t, and all the Liberals have to do is replace Dion with a more acceptable potential Prime Minister and they will win a subsequent election, hands down. History supports this prediction.

What is your choice?

Monday, September 1, 2008

Fall Election?

Who is Abusing Whom?

Now we have our PM hinting at - threatening - preparing us for - a fall election. The excuse is given as “Because of the unco-operative opposition parties our minority government is dysfunctional therefore we will have an election, the CPC will win a majority, and we will once again become a functioning government”

The present government may be dysfunctional, but primarily because it has become a one man band – a Harper dictatorship without force and effect.

My opinion is, and I am not by any means alone in this, that Dion is weak, the Liberals are broke and a recession is building that will seriously increase the EI and welfare rolls in Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes. If Obama wins in the States in November, it will be that much worse in Central Canada. Therefore, Harper will force the election now for no other reason than we may not get the majority we want ( read I want badly) but if the Liberals fire Dion (that is, he resigns) they may beat us next year. The sticking point in all of this is that Harper said, several months ago, words to the effect that, “The Americans have a financial problem building but we in Canada will not have a problem; or economy is strong”. If he waits too long his bragging will surely cost him dearly in the heartland of his support

Most importantly, the latest Polls show that a fall election will result in the same results as the last time or, for the Conservatives, slightly worse.

Harper’s response. ….Go to the polls now and pray like hell.

What has this got to do with Bill C 68 and the Morning Glory Rebellion?

There will never be a better opportunity to upset the Ottawa Apple Cart and show a united front that will cost many borderline Members of Parliament their jobs. We may even have the opportunity of having a pro-gun voice in Parliament. The cost will be only ten dollars a head when we gun-owners have already lost hundreds, if not thousands of dollars and stand to lose a lot more if a majority government is elected before we can get C 68 repealed.

And we gun-owners are not alone; there are lots of folks unhappy with the CPC.

Thursday, August 28, 2008


Libertarian or Green

Recent events have encouraged me to make a slight change in the method of achieving the Morning Glory Rebellion.

Because the Libertarian Party has come to life and have 41 candidates listed for the forthcoming Federal Election, I encourage citizens to vote Libertarian in Ridings where there is a candidate. Of course I would have long since recommended that we use the Libertarian Party of Canada as a vehicle to voice our protest against Stephan Harper had they offered a Candidate in every Riding, but they didn’t.

The Libertarian Party of Canada can be located at http://www.libertarian.ca where
all your questions will be answered. They list a total of 41 Candidates Canada wide, which is only 13% coverage. You are urged to consider this alternative, especially if you cannot be persuaded to vote Green.

Voting either way will achieve our aim to give a long overdue kick in the behind to the politicians of the three major parties. You may even like what the Libertarians stand for.

I do.

Thursday, July 10, 2008


The Tide is Turning

I get the very strong impression that the tide for we gun owners is turning. And two events were no doubt both necessary to create the right atmospheric conditions for that to occur.

The American Supreme Court Ruling that gun ownership is an inherent right, and

Dave “Boo Boo” Miller’s unbelievable decision to follow Paul Martin into political oblivion by proposing a gun crime corrective action that is a) impossible to enforce, b) will not effect the guilty culprits and c) will cause the gang crime problem to escalate. Presumably he, like Hitler, also has a solution for the problem that he alone created. Ad infinitum! Ad nauseum! Ad Mortium!

The sudden increase in pro-gun activity and sentiment in Ontario is a response to Miller’s plan (A) and is welcomed by we westerners who have been much less inclined to cower in our foxholes these last dozen years. Could it be that thousands of Ontarians now realize that the OFAH proposals are huff and puff and ever so politically correct.

But, lads and lassies, the tide does not flow in forever, so if we are to launch our attack, let us get our war canoe into the deepening water at the first possible moment and bring our enemies to close grips.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

United Action

Willful Blindness is Suicide.

How many of the “X” million Canadian gun owners believe that the CPC, once (if) they achieve a majority at the polls will do one or more of the following?

A) Repeal C 68 in its entirety and re-negotiate, with the stakeholders (us) some form of gun (people) control.
B) Make a few minor changes to the present Firearms Act which will be “feel-good” measures and in no way hamper them, or future governments from confiscating some, or all firearms.
C) Make no changes, except to strengthen the control of the Nanny State over the serfs.
D) Whatever they do, they will hand over the mess for the renewed Liberals, who will win the subsequent election (as usual) and carry on where Paul Martin left off.

Now, before you put the question, review the following excerpt from an article by feature reporter Greg Thompson in the 1 July 2008 edition of the Kings County Record :

Para 6 (quote) “Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day says effective gun control requires high levels of compliance and these changes are designed to help that along” (unquote) [ The changes he refers to are the latest amnesty regulations].

Since the first amnesty regulations were invoked two years ago we have been proclaiming repeatedly that the amnesty changes were designed solely to increase the compliance percentage from the true 45% to something higher so that the UN Gin Grabbers could declare their plan to be an accomplished fact and therefore Canada is once again leading the civilized world into voluntary serfdom.

Anyone that believes, as does Doctor Mike Ackermann, our faithful representative on Stockwell Day’s so called Advisory Council, that we MUST vote Conservative at the next election as it is our only hope, are absolutely out to lunch. Perhaps Mike, being a Maritimer, suffers from that well-known Eastern “Party loyalty despite all contrary evidence” that has led them into many past election fiascos.

There are only two possible routes that we gun owners can follow. One is to listen to “No Logic Mike” and vote for the Harper/Day coalition (and then pray), or

Use our heads for a change, vote strategically so as to make our point by collective action, then use the next minority interregnum to talk some sense into the heads of all the Parliamentarians, and through them into the Ottawa bureaucracy.

A vote for the CPC will fullfill a death-wish for us, but eventually a gold mine for gun smugglers…..and they won’t be smuggling in duck guns and .22 target pistols.

We must first smarten up the Conservatives, THEN give them a majority.

Saturday, June 14, 2008


The Morning Glory Rebellion was conceived as the best method of getting the attention of our Parliamentarians and it was designed to be the simplest, most economical, secure and effective method of doing that.

What we did not explain, and should have, is the logic behind our selection of this priority. So here is our reasoning. We have four major problems in Canada which manifest themselves in the conception, implementation, application and persistence of Bill C-68 and the subsequent amendments to the Firearms Act.

These national problems as they affect C 68 and subsequent laws are:

1) Bill C 68 was conceived by parliamentarians (Chrétien and Rock) to win an election, not, as is claimed, to enhance public order. They achieved their aim by deceit and they thereby criminalized honest law-abiding people. This action is not what these men were elected to do. Their successors are little better.
2) The various police departments in the country varied greatly in their interpretation of these new laws depending on how they view their responsibility to the public, of which they often forget they are a part. Many truly believe they are the elites. This happened because the vast majority of police in Canada are only sworn to obey orders. The New Westminster Police of B.C. are an exception.
3) Our courts have applied their own interpretations to these new laws but their judgments tend, along with all others “in this new legal age” to punish the innocent while leaning only lightly on the criminal.
4) The many bureaucrats who support, and apply pressure to enforce the Firearms Act do so unsupervised by their Ministers, such as Stockwell Day, who don’t understand what they are doing but dare not offend their staff by offering firm directions. The tail therefore wags the dog. Life is easier that way.

So who controls what? The answer is simple. The parliament of this country should and can control the basic actions and directions of the other three, but over time they have abrogated that responsibility. Life for them is easier that way. It is not easier for the public body but the over-riding reason this all transpired is that we grew fat, lazy and, emulating our canine pets, fell asleep in the sun. We thought life was easier that way. Well the sun has sunk behind the rising cloud that warns of a major storm and great danger. We must not ignore the alarm bells because our children’s lives are risk.

The only action we can take in order to correct all four problems is Priority #1. We cannot redirect the courts. We cannot re-organize the police forces and we cannot “get at” our paid servants. Only Parliament can have any real effect on the other three. And the best way to achieve that goal is via the Morning Glory Rebellion.

If you believe otherwise, log on and state your case. If you agree then show your true colours by saying so and spreading the word.

Friday, June 6, 2008


The Winds of Change

No sooner had I written of my anxiety that Canadian men, especially in Central Canada, need a shot of Super Viagra to make them “stand up” than news from Ontario indicates that the fear of losing their guns has awakened a ten year dormant ground-swell of opposition to Dan Miller and his limp-wristed cohorts.

This is good. This is more than good because there never has been much doubt that many Westerners were going to defy C 68 right to the wall – and beyond if necessary. There may be more than a token resistance movement in the Maritimes but our lousy western news media think the Canada ends at the Kagnawaga Indian Reserve and seldom report on anything east of there unless it has to do with killing seals or the sexual activities (or speculation thereon) of various useless Ottawa bench-warmers.

We heartily applaud the efforts of Ontario gun owners to resist the efforts of Dan Miller (shades of expired chicken farmer Heinrich Himmler) to render a million grown men in the GTA into eunuchs or castrato tenors with one swift stroke of a sharp knife.

Power to the people. Down with dictators. Forward the Morning Glory Rebellion.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Canadian Men Have a Secret Problem

Erectile Dysfunction – A National Problem

Our problem is not one of sexual dysfunction but rather that we cannot seem to get enough non-criminal gun owners to STAND ERECT and oppose C 68 – all of it. This is especially true in Ontario and Quebec. There are a large group of gun-owning men who can only, in this context, be described as flaccid, limp, inoperative – certainly non assertive.

But such a masculine mass must surely be capable of arousal! Perhaps the inevitable realization that they are about to lose their firearms – their precious phallic symbols, might stir them into action. They might become men again and take pride in that. But they might just be too late.

If “standing Erect” cannot be achieved soon enough then we can all join hands with European men and daily face towards our capital cities and demonstrate our submissiveness. There has occurred in Europe a mental castration that is unique in history. Perhaps the killing of such a high percentage of healthy males during two world wars has had an irreversible impact on the gene pool. Maybe they have become so overwhelmed by ‘beta bucks’ that the occasional ‘alpha buck’ cannot alone correct the decline in masculinity.

I have no explanation for Sweden – they did not participate in either war (a few joined German S.S. Viking Divisions in WW 2) but they nonetheless seem to be extremely docile and submissive to their (female) bureaucratic dictatorship.

My only comment on British men is “Lord God, what happened?”

Holland can be summed up in the recent speech given by their Prime Minister. In response to threats made by the ever bolder Muslim immigrant minority he said, “We should be kind to the Muslims, then, when they become the majority they will be kind to us”. I have never heard of such a limp invitation to rape, plunder and decimation.

We definitely need a massive international shot of Viagra II.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Five Years – 10 Years Slammer? Bullshit & Intimidation!

Twelve years ago, when the Chrétien / Rock attempt at a dictatorial ultimatum was being waved under our noses, the threat of five to ten years of jail time for even the smallest of paper infractions scared the bejesus out of many otherwise upstanding men of this country. Men were frantically burying guns in the back yard and swearing their wives and children to secrecy. Or they went, cap in hand to the local cop shop to confess their sinful ways, beg forgiveness and, to absolve themselves, pay a small Catholic-like tithe to the Holy Church of Righteousness in Ottawa.

At the time a few of us, and precious few, were strongly urging our fellow gun owners to stand fast. This was based on the obvious fact, at least to us, that we did not have enough court-rooms, enough judges, enough cops, and most importantly enough bureaucratic will power to enforce the order. It flew in the face of the First military rule of Discipline, which states, “Never issue an unpopular order unless you are both willing and able to enforce it.” When our government had neither the will nor the ability to enforce C 68, it was obviously a hollow threat. Any semi-organized resistance to C 68 would reduce it to a laughable paper tiger. So we pleaded, mostly unheeded.

Now, these many years later there has been precious few who have even seen the inside of a jail cell, if a trial actually took place. They number less than ten. With a probable figure of three million people being non-compliant my point has been made. One incarceration out of 333.000 cannot strike terror into the hearts of men.The only person who has suffered a serious sentencing penalty is Bruce Montague, who asked for it. And realize this, he received only the absolute minimum that Judge Wright could get away with without having his action appealed by the Ontario Government. However saint-like Bruce and Donna appear to their many supporters, and I am one, Bruce is still the lone exception that proves my point. He could have been awarded at least ten years, according to C 68 and an appeal would have had little chance. He was found guilty of many charges by a jury of peers and pistols without serial numbers are not quite the same as a few .22 shells in the glove compartment.

Now the remaining millions who trembled at Allan Rock’s threat so many years ago are surely coming to realize that they had shrunk back in fear from a yappy little lap dog. All they had to do was to stand still, upright, and suggest that “Fido” should “Shut the hell up and go to your corner”. Are they now ashamed at their timidity? I hope so. But they can rejoin the ranks of the Canadian men with balls by doing something positive to encourage our equally gutless politicos to heave C 68 in the trash can where it belongs.

Now, let us first remember that C 68 was a strictly political move invented to upstage that twit Kim Campbell’s silly suggestions that the Conservative Government, if elected, and in the so-called interest of improving public safety, would impose some minor aggravating rules on the gun-owning public. It was a politically clever move by Chrétien & Company but that is all it was intended to achieve – an election win. I am sure it was to the total astonishment of the Liberals that “We shut the hell up and went to OUR corners”. That, of course, encouraged “Fido” to rush forward, yapping and snarling and he has been doing so ever since.

It should also be remembered that C 68 was a usurpation of provincial jurisdiction, and still is, if our gutless provincial politicians would start fighting for us and not against us.

Letters, petitions, appeals and threats have achieved nothing. The courts are immune from criticism and many judges still do not know the difference between “anointed” and “appointed”. Many of our police constables, national, provincial and municipal, are sucked in by their own propaganda and encouraged by a logically challenged bleeding heart public into believing that they can be a one-man judge and jury with a badge and a gun and don’t forget the Tazer, that kiddy gun that does not cause bleeding and stuff. That looks bad on TV. Our military also gives their people guns but they discipline the soldiers’ brains first.

The only people, and there are 308 of them, that can really do anything about C 68 are our Members of Parliament. They are a weak-willed bunch of bench warmers and must be made fearful of losing their cushy lifestyle and obscene and unearned financial rewards. This can only happen if we, the long-suffering gun owners, make them afraid for their bulging purses.

If every gun owner in the country votes GREEN at the next election the Greens might win fifteen seats. Is this really something to fear? We have been putting up with about fifty low-life separatists for the last umpteen years who have been alternating between threats to destroy our nation and sucking as much blood as they can get. The only constant thing they can claim is that they are in favour of gun control (people control).

But we won’t be able to stiffen the spine of three million cringing ‘law abiders’ so let us settle for 5000 per Riding. That is about half. By my calculations of a year ago the outcome in about 30 seats would be unpredictable. Given that there are 3 top contenders for each of these seats we will make 90 politicians and wanabees very, very nervous. And if you do not think that 90 nervous nellies, with their eyes on a hundred and seventy grand a year won’t make some noise on behalf of stability, you are truly uninformed about politics.

On the opposite side of the unpredictable coin, a mixture of thirty (more or less) Liberals, Conservatives or “closet communists” will not change the situation in Ottawa. What will change is that both Harper and Dion will be gone for failing to bring in a majority and all politicians, federal and otherwise will now fully recognize what serious “block voting” means. Hell, the frenchies, Chinese, native Indians, Sikhs and all other minority tribes have been doing it for years. Or should I say have been doing it TO US for years.

Let’s get on top for a change. Join hands, fire a bunch of MPs – the rest will listen!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


When a government department such as Elections Canada can attack the governing party with apparent immunity, as they are presently doing, and when the Attorney General's paid staff can dictate to their minister, Stockwell Day, how he shall enforce the Firearms Act, we might reasonably presume that our present PM is ineffective, weak, cowardly and afraid.

If that be the case it doesn't matter whether he heads a minority or a majority government, nor does it matter how illogical the Guns Laws are, our snivel servants wield too big a stick and we can not expect relief while Steven Harper is at the helm. If we are to regain control of our country Mrs Harper's little boy Stevie has to go.

Ah problem solving! How does one rid the country of a jam tart PM especially at a time when Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition (ha ha) is headed by a self proclaimed philosopher who's primary talents are proclaiming lofty and unworkable theories and mangling our dominant language, which 'appens to be Anglais. Monsiuer Dione is incapable of leading two chiens affame into a boucherie! The civil service in Ottawa would have him on toast for breakfast.

So, we must dump them both simultaneously. Prove their worthlesness at the polls by....wait for it! VOTING GREEN and forcing both the Liberals and the CPC to fire their incompetent CEOs for leading our company (read country) into chaos, anarchy and near bankrupcy.

Like so many things in life, our governance may have to get worse before it gets better. The longer we wait the worse it will get and the harder for us to get back on course. Our first (and maybe last) opportunity will occur sometime between tomorrow and October 2009. Can you imagine the Gov. Gen. tapping Lizzy May on the shoulder? Well then, if not her, then who?

Friday, April 18, 2008


But perhaps the quiet that precedes a storm. Conflicting messages from the East (Mayor Miller vs. Minister Day) and not a peep from the PM. There is much media opinion about the "Green Parking Lot Party", referring of course to the increased number of votes that ended up in the Green Party box at the recent By Elections. Quite a few editorial comments from across the country confirmed our prediction of a year ago that discontented voters, for whatever reason, will park their vote with the Green Party.

The leaders of all four major political parties seem to be in a mad competition to see who can make the most stupid remark of the week, and it is a close battle indeed. So hang in there Rebels, Ottawa seems bent on self destructing. Compared to politicians south of the border we seem to have placed three cowards in the ring. Castration is obviously alive and well in Canuckistan. Leadership indeed!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Today's Opinion

Getting to the Root of Our Problem

When our highly trained police cannot instantly or will not correctly assess the risk posed by an assailant what hope have we? How do we avoid the wrath of ourselves and family by under assessing the risk, or later, the wrath of a vindictive judge post facto?

Our archaic self-defence laws must be revised to reflect reality. In short, if you are in my domicile illegally and with obvious criminal intent and you refuse to leave you may die, and quickly. In this case I must be the judge. This is a task I can better perform than any cop on the end of a 911 call.

And, there may be some obscure justification for not charging a policeman for even a blatantly excessive use of force, but I fail to see what it might be. The public and the police know when “Johnny Yellow Legs” has exceeded the use of necessary force and to pretend otherwise is much like running from a guard dog. All you do is entice it to do more damage.

These factors together are creating a police state in Canada.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

To New Viewers Investigating the MGR

In order to understand the logic Behind the Morning Glory Revolution you might wish to start at our first message "A Pretty Flower..." which is in the 2007 archive on this Blogsite. The short essay, " Sink - or Swim" is an analogy that explains our position. Other messages that follow explain our reasoning for advocating our plea that all gun owners must park their vote with the Green Party at the next election.

Should you have any questions or suggestions please add YOUR message.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


The Best Made Plans….

By the purest co-incidence, as soon as I committed myself to making frequent observations on the state of the Gun Control controversy, the Ottawa well went bone dry.

I have it from an impeccable source that our steely-eyed dictator has forbidden the uttering of the word “GUN” on “the hill”. If that be so, one is left to wonder why?

Today’s Throne Speech, or rather the opposition’s reaction to it, may make me a liar but I doubt that the government will fall. Now, if Stephen Harper was determined to abolish the long gun registry for starters it would obviously be the right time to introduce a Bill to that effect and dare Dion & Layton to jump into the ring, knowing full well that they would do no such thing.

The latest poll results, especially Nik Nanos’ indicate that Herr Harper desperately needs a big block of supporters to step forward otherwise he is going to end up, at best, with another minority government. If that happens he will no doubt get a “Dear John (Diefenbaker) letter” and go back to counting pennies.

But if he has been given a Mafia style warning to obey the UN and abolish ALL civilian ownership of small arms, we must see that he is fired as a warning to all the socialist/internationists in Ottawa. Couple this possibility of an authority (UN) higher than our Parliament issuing orders, with secondly the recently signed deal authorizing the U.S. to send troops across our border in case of “Civil Unrest” and finally, the discussions on forming the S.P.P. and you can get in line for your very own leg shackles.

Should we spell “Minutemen” the same way as the Yanks did in 1773?

I do not intend to end my days in slavery, sold out by a nation of cowards.

How about you?

Sunday, February 17, 2008


It is familiar mix-up, that people confuse cause and effect and reverse the label to those two components in a discussion. For instance, it is common nowadays for some people to insist that gun possession causes crime, and therefore, by reverse logic, to reduce the number of guns is to reduce criminal activity.

This does not happen anywhere in the world where there are statistics because, whatever the reason that law-abiding people have for possessing firearms, their primary or secondary function is to prevent crime from occurring IN A MAN’S CASTLE.

Simply put, Crime causes Guns, not the reverse. Any increase in crime, especially crime near or in the home results in an increase of guns kept, or obtained.

The most likely reason that authorities choose to reverse the logic is that it is much easier and safer to hassle an honest man than it is to challenge the hardened criminal. Isn’t that the lesson we learned, but haven’t acknowledged at Mayerthorpe? Naturally such occurrences will make cops ‘gun shy’. There is far less risk in beating on Brian Ward’s door, or Bruce Montague’s door or any of the hundreds of doors of other law-abiding gun owners just because they have been declared criminals by 130 pages of crap written by Allan Rock and his herd of Justice Department lawyers.

As an old military man, and son of an old military man, I know that the majority of men would rather face off against the Lady’s Aid Society than get into a shoot out with one of Hitler’s Waffen SS Divisions, but that is simply not how wars are won. Ask our men in Afghanistan. You have to finally take on the hard cases.

The authorities who are responsible for the conduct and priorities of our many police forces, starting with the R.C.M.P. must issue firm orders for them to go after the hardened criminals and the criminal gangs FIRST. The punks will quickly disappear and then the cops can leave us to defend our homes. Just like it was BT (before Trudeau)

At the same time Parliament must quit mincing words and order the judiciary to award stiffer penalties for ALL crimes, not just gun crimes, because gun crimes are anyway a minority category. As a side issue, the presence of a firearm during a crime does not really make it a gun crime UNLESS THE GUN IS FIRED. And secondly, if a home owner fires a gun while protecting his family and home, it is not a crime anyway.

It will probably not be possible to increase the length and severity of prison sentences back to where they were when we had very little crime, unless we re-instate the death penalty. The simple reason is that without that time honoured maximum penalty at the top of the scale, all other punishments tend to slice down the scale to near nothing. That is why our prisons are full of people doing nothing while on holiday for a short time.

So, recognizing that cause and effect should never be inverted, get on with solving the problem.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Strategy - Tactics - Guesswork?

As of this morning, Friday the 8th of February, we start a daily analysis of “what’s going on with the macabre dance in Ottawa”. I liken the present push and shove contest to three (male?) dancers on a small table top. They are each shoving a tiny bit while desperately holding on to each other for fear of being ejected out onto the floor and out of the dance..

Or maybe it is more like a schoolyard squabble about “my Daddy is bigger than your daddy”. None of them wants a fight at this moment, and neither of them has a hope in hell of winning one outright, and after all it is the bewildered spectators (you and me) who will decide the outcome anyway (and pay for it).

And all three are trying to make our participation in the Afghan War the key issue when it clearly is not. In Afghanistan we are “in for a penny, in for a pound” whether we like it or not. Only if the Taliban physically eject us (as the Viet Cong ejected the Yanks) can we pack up and leave, albeit with our tails between our legs. That is exactly why the other whimpy NATO nations will not “get stuck in”. Getting in is as easy as walking through an open door, getting out is not quite as simple. Or maybe Jack Layton can advise us what to tell the little girls of Afghanistan as we cut and run, and send them back into the Middle Ages of ignorance, suppression, slavery and circumcision. There are about twenty million Afghanis. Half of them are women.

The Liberals volunteered us in the first place, and I have wondered if they did not do that deliberately, knowing they were probably going to lose the election to the Conservatives and thereby stick them with a messy political issue that has, at present, no solution.

So what does this all mean to the Morning Glory Rebellion? It means the same to us as to every other Canadian. The NDP will have no more influence on national or international affairs than they have ever had, which is nil. The conservatives and the liberals will go to the polls hissing and spitting like a couple of half grown kittens in a yard fight. The public will not know what to do because there is such a large clump of voters who don’t want to vote Liberal or Conservative for a variety of reasons, none of which has anything to do with the Taliban.

That is precisely why Harper and Dion are going to make Afghanistan the perfect non-issue. Neither wants to make a commitment to actually solve any of Canada’s real problems.

So, as of today, we should stay the course, but increase the political uncertainty by spreading the word farther and faster. It is before the election that we have the most influence, not afterwards.

Remember, IF there is a major irreversible change of attitude by Stephen Harper, we can switch to his support in a blink of an eye. So far there has been no movement by “he who would be our Diktator” to justify our support.

This country can not be democratically governed by a central government. It is too big, too diverse and the “French Problem is a man-made cancer in our guts which cannot be eradicated. That is why the House of Lords structured the BNA Act the way they did. They knew we had to develop as a true confederation of Provinces. That is exactly why they made the Provinces solely responsible for, amongst other things, property rights. They did all of this because they had been forced to give these rights to a conquered people (the Quebecois) for fear of a subsequent rebellion, which they did not have the will nor the military and naval forces to suppress. At that time the British were very much entangled in a myriad of colonial wars in India, the East Indies and Africa. And at that time the Americans were making very loud noises about removing Great Britain totally from North America.

Once the BNA Act came into effect in 1867 there was no turning back. Just because all of our governments since then have tried to centralize control does not make it possible. But many tricks were tried. Who do you think was behind the FLQ Crisis? The “Big Daddy Trick” of creating a national emergency, then invoking emergency measures to suppress it is as old as the first dictator in history. Does it not occur that C 68 was a similar ploy? Just because it didn’t work does not mean that Chretien and Rock did not think that they could succeed. And, from their point a view, it was worth a try because to lose was merely to waste billions of dollars, none of which was theirs!

I am sure that both those gents are drawing every penny of their substantial pensions despite their major blunders. And all the bureaucrats and lawyers who put C 68 together will do the same. We can influence only those who continue to support C 68 and who seek election.

That is all we can do, so let’s do it!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Our Rights

Exactly What Rights Do We Have?

As anyone who has taken a course in basic logic knows, there are two ways to win a logical argument; you prove by evidence that such and such is the case, or you argue successfully that so and so must be the fact of the matter, because nothing else can be.

This may be applied to an argument about what rights we have. We are deprived of a supporting argument in favour of a specific property rights by virtue of it having been deliberately omitted from our Constitution Act of 1982. And coincidently there is no description of what (private) property is. It doesn’t exist. It is left to Law Court Judges to rule in specific and narrow cases and all so far have supported the State’s Right over the citizen.

I am convinced that each and every one of us can prove in a Court of Law that we have all of the rights that we claim to have by proving that most of the laws in the Criminal Code of Canada could not exist if we did not inherently have the right not to be deprived of any specific right in the first instance. There could not be a law against shoplifting, for instance, if it wasn’t a fact in law that the chocolate bars on the grocery shelf are the rightful property of the shop owner. And therefore it is unlawful for any person to deprive, or attempt to deprive the rightful owner of his property. Ipso facto: the shopkeeper has property rights, even though our Constitution Act does not say so. Murder could not be named as a crime if we did not all have the right to life. Women could not be protected against rape if they did not have, in this country at least, the exclusive right to determine with whom they will have intercourse.

The Criminal Code of Canada is a very large volume; even the Pocket Edition will not fit into any pocket that I own. It contains (2004 edition) 1555 pages that are

Printed with type of this size.

So, there are many laws that can only have been derived by virtue of our right to material property, wealth, intellectual property, security of person, freedom from physical and sexual abuse and myriads of lesser rights. There is even a specific law (CCC 323 (1) that protects owners of oyster beds. Therefore, persons who own oyster beds obviously have the exclusive right to the product of them. My biggest fear is the Supreme Court of Canada, as presently mandated, will selectively extinguish, one by one, those they wish to see gone. I imagine they will leave oyster beds alone for the time being.

However, before important laws are obliterated I would strongly recommend that anyone who is charged with the offence that the person did something to protect loss of personal property of any sort, dig into the C.C.C. and use that wealth of evidence to support the contention that IF it is an offence in the Criminal Code of Canada to deprive, or attempt to deprive a citizen of any personal property, then the right to that property must exist. To argue otherwise would be illogical and contrary to the essential elements of peace and good order. Maybe this explains why Canada seems to be coming progressively more disorderly.

If this all be true then we can justly demand that our Justice Department rewrite the laws that clarify our Rights. This means an amendment to The Constitution Act of 1982, or more likely, a complete re write followed by a National Referendum. This process is the only way that we can undo the injustice done to us all by Pierre Trudeau in collusion with all one thousand provincial and federal parliamentarians twenty six years ago. In 1982 not one MP or MLA in this country raised a serious word of objection to this most undemocratic of Acts that poses as the Law of the Land. I’ll repeat that. Not one of our elected representatives objected to a new Basic Law for Canadians that left out the most basic of Rights. Which means simply that our elected representatives, all of them, had something besides the welfare of we the people on their minds 26 years ago.
Or maybe they just can’t think!

We had better start raising hell because ’meek and mild’ obviously won’t cut it!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Don't Forget

Don’t Forget Our Primary Target….

…..which is to convince the Conservatives that there are more gun owning voters who insist that Bill C 68 be repealed in its entirety than there are adherents to Miss Cukier’s merry band of would-be castrators. We are three million strong…they number only in the hundreds. Surely Stockwell Day can count, even if the boy economist cannot!

Despite Stephen’s protestations to the contrary there are many things that a minority government can do without the consent of the opposition Parties and they had better start doing some of them before it is too late to convince our followers that we have won. In that case, the Conservatives will lose their one and only chance for a majority government, and Stephen will be looking for new employment.

A major wave of Green-voters may take some time to re-direct.

We urge you all to watch for positive signs that the CPC has got the message. But do not get sucked in by things like Bill C 24.

If the Mounties can find no sign of criminal behavior in Lyin Bryin’s conduct in the Airbus Affair then there isn’t a crook in the country ! If they can be ordered to get off Lyin Bryin’s back they can be ordered to get off ours!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Whither Now, Patriots

Keep it Quiet, for Now

The subject of how much of a Following we have came up at a recent MGR session. I don’t know, and nor does anyone else.

Is that good or bad?
After subsequent thought I have concluded that it is good. The enemy must always be prepared for the worst and the less they know, the more they have to fear.

I think that we will have the most effect if we surprise the hell out of a lot of people when the ballots are tallied. Only if both the Conservatives and the Liberals fear a major rebellion beforehand will we see them cut a deal. I do not believe that enough of the three million legitimate gun owners will openly declare for the MGR to make that likely, so we will play the game, ”There’s a shark in the water but we won’t tell you where.”

Nothing much is going to happen to Gun Control until the Conservatives know for sure that we can hurt them. There are presently a couple of small issues that may point to a slight relaxation within the Conservative Party but that only encourages me to push harder, to see if we can open the gap. Meanwhile they may bring in a couple of meaningless amendments in an attempt to appease the peasants.

On the table it is their move. We should continue to spread Morning Glory seeds and wait quietly. From the speech given by Stockwell Day in response to the demand by Toronto’s mayor for an immediate ban on handguns I see the first indication of more rigid wording in our favour, but because politicians play with words and innuendo like a cat plays a mouse, when the mouse lies dead on the floor we will know its fate, not before.

There is a time limit on how long Harper can string this Parliament out – October 2009. He can create an immediate election any time he wants to lure the Opposition into defeating his Government. It is his call, but time is on OUR side. Even if the status remains quo for 20 more months I can see us only constantly expanding our plan. The PM will buy some votes here and there but he can’t buy enough to guarantee himself a majority. The legitimate gun owners alone can give him that, but we will have to see an abolishment of the People Registry first, and even then all may not be forgiven.

And we must not ever again be held to account for what the politicians, courts, Immigration Department and police together have failed to do about the armed criminal element in Canada. There is absolutely no sense in any government wasting our money attempting to confiscate our property. We are not the problem, never have been!

The sole responsibility of any Justice Department is to provide a just society, not an environment that encourages criminal activity and injustice. In short, “Get off my back, cop, and go catch a real crook!”

Monday, January 14, 2008

Who is the Real Crook?

Abuse of Authority

It is not only Police who can be guilty of the above noted criminal offence. Members of Parliament, especially Cabinet Ministers, can also be guilty of that charge.

We maintain that three prime ministers and three or more Crown Ministers are guilty of that charge. That came about by the simple act of creating the infamous Bill C 68 and then amending the Firearms Act and the Criminal Code and by causing the police forces of Canada to enforce what are illegal laws.

They are illegal because the authority to create laws pertaining to personal property are, in the BNA Act, the sole domain of the provincial legislatures. Ottawa never had the right to create laws pertaining to Personal Property (which includes firearms). They do have the right to create laws pertaining to serious crime. But they do not have the right or authority to create a new crime that applies to law-abiding citizens who refuse to register private property. Neither can they demand a registry or fee of people who drive on provincial roads or fishermen who fish in provincial water or hunters who hunt on provincial crown land or drillers who drill for mineral resources on provincial land.

Simply put, Stephen Harper and Stockwell Day, and their predecessors are all guilty of imposing regulations that derive from an illegal Act. By that same process all Members of Parliament who know this fact and do nothing to expose it are in default of their sworn oath to uphold the principle of law.

I doubt that anyone will even try to rebut this statement. The fact of the matter is not that two million gun owners are guilty of a criminal act but that 308 present Members of Parliament and an unknown number of ex-MPs are the real crooks because they fail(ed) to denounce a crime being committed by their peers.

Writing petitions and letters, holding protest meetings, wasting time and money in court appeals have so far produced nothing of consequence in having C 68 repealed. These actions by otherwise law-abiding paper criminals has had serious financial effects on the accused and appellants and a considerable waste of everybody’s dollars to pay the Crown employees and police to harass innocent people and to record the serial numbers on their private property in an illegal central registry.

If the passage and imposition of C 68 is an illegal act then it is time that those who created that Act and those who still impose its subsequent illegal Rules and Regulations be charged with abuse of authority in the same manner that would apply to an overbearing and intimidating police constable.

The Morning Glory Rebellion provides an economical and effective way to tell our overpaid bench warmers to quit supporting a serious abuse of authority. The need and necessity of maintaining law and order applies equally to all citizens but most especially to all who have sworn an oath to do so.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

To the Ladies

Who Loses the Most When Firearms are Confiscated?

It is a fact that one half of a household’s assets, under Canadian Law, belong equally to each of a spousal couple. So, furniture, appliances, autos, boats, sleds AND firearms will be split down the middle in case of divorce or permanent separation. But if the firearms are at any time confiscated and destroyed, your asset becomes zero.

The total value of the firearms in Canada is not too difficult to estimate. There are 3 million gun owners who possess 3.5 firearms apiece. These are conservative (government) figures. For sake of argument an average value of these guns (replacement cost today) can be set at $500 each. Out with the calculators, or if you are from my age group, do it in your head. The answer is five and a quarter billion dollars! Now add the value of all other assets that will become worthless if firearms are confiscated; hunting cabins, ATVs, hand loading equipment, scopes, tree stands, camo clothing and all the other things that gun owners/hunters have purchased over the years. It takes no imagination to arrive at a figure of ten billion dollars gone into the trash can.

Half of those assets, five thousand million dollars, belong to the female half.

Now why on earth would any sane woman support gun control? Maybe this is a rare case of the ladies of this country losing sight of property values! And if the statistics in those of the American States that do not allow concealed carry are to be believed, the fear that Canadian city women now have of the night streets or even a walk in the park will get a hell of a lot worse. Why would any sane woman vote for that?

Oh, I forgot! All you need do is to dial 911 and the constabulary will rush to the scene and rescue you from the armed crook or rapist. If you believe that you probably still believe in the tooth fairy!

No, ladies, gun control, which is hysterically promoted by the same people that support the United Nations planned ban of all small arms, will leave you poorer and terribly vulnerable. If you like”poor and vulnerable”, then support gun control.

Or be rid of that fear in an instant – join the Morning Glory Rebellion. We are doing something positive to protect YOU and YOUR PROPERTY along with man’s historical right to hunt and his duty to protect his family. By using the Internet we are doing it virtually free of cost. We are using a political party to achieve our aim – the repeal of Bill C 68. Read more about the Morning Glory Rebellion.

Anyone who holds a contrary view is encouraged to challenge this opinion.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Where Did the MGR Concept Come From?

The MGR was conceived after a study was made of the election results of all 308 Ridings in the 2006 Federal Election. This study was done to seek a strategy whereby the approximately three million lawful gun owners could exert effective political pressure to have Bill C 68 repealed. Once the details were transferred to an Excel spreadsheet some important facts became very evident.

Firstly, in a large number of Ridings the winner squeaked in with a very small margin. Secondly, many of these marginal winners were first time candidates. Thirdly, in many Ridings that were won with small majorities by CPC candidates, , the Green Party had gained an unusually high percentage of the vote. This was not explained by the Green candidate being particularly popular, especially in the previous election.

The following twelve CPC candidates were noteworthy in that the Green Party received more than twice the national average (3.7%) of Green votes in their Ridings.. The Green percentage appears in brackets behind each MP’s name. Anders (10.3%) Cannan (8.0%), Clement (8%), Day (7.6%), Harper (7.7%), Lunn (9.9%), Miller (12.9%), Prentice (11.8%), Richardson (11,7%), Tilson (10.0%), Thompson (10.8%) and Zeisman (11.3%).

It was concluded that many otherwise loyal CPC voters were unhappy with their CPC Candidate, and being unwilling to switch to another of the major parties, decided to ‘park’ their vote as a protest. Unpopular candidates of other parties appeared to suffer the same fate.

It became immediately apparent that any sizeable increase in the Green vote at the next election might upset the applecart in about 30 Ridings and make it impossible to estimate the overall result. Another obvious implication is that an unexpected increase in ‘parked’ Green votes would result in another minority for the Harper gang. That in turn would probably see the end of both Harper and Dion, and maybe Layton too. Because the supporters of the MGR do not trust Harper to repeal C 68 if he should get a majority, this result would be exactly what we want. Such an obvious result should also give heart to many Canadians who have come to believe “there is nothing we can do”. The very fact that our vote is secret should encourage many gun owners of uncertain determination to secretly vote for the Green candidate. No one need ever know. Therein lies our strength.
We can never estimate how much effect the MGR will have and neither can anyone else!

Before a word was spoken about the Morning Glory Rebellion all possible contingent results were investigated, including a major upsurge of Green votes to as many as 10,000 in each Riding. The most severe outcome would be an even more unpredictable upset but with the CPC still getting only a shaky minority. A Green candidate would need to gain about 25,000 votes in any given Riding to win a seat and this was considered to be highly unlikely. And even if the Green Party did win 2 or 3 seats nothing would change in Ottawa as a result. And if the majority of pro Green voters were Party members and also held hunting licences, who would control the Green Party?

Summary. 1) Parking one’s vote temporarily is a frequent and age-old tactic of otherwise loyal party members. 2) During elections where there are many Ridings with unpredictable outcomes, (Election 2006), such ‘parking’ of one’s vote can have a severe effect. The real impact on sitting Members can be lost of seat, end of political career, loss of pension, etc. 3) With the present (December 2007) uncertainty for all political parties the mere existence of such a movement as the Morning Glory Rebellion can have a major effect, with relatively few votes and THIS WILL ALREADY BE OBVIOUS TO THE BACK ROOM PLANNERS OF ALL PARTIES. It is worthwhile to note that our Morning Glory plan will only work in a “First past the post” electoral system.

Because of the smoke and mirrors obscurity of Canadian politics, none dare mention the ‘R’(rebel)word. Many MPs and several newspaper editors know about the MGR but not a peep do we hear. Are they afraid that the MGR might gain momentum if there was any public discussion?

Good! Because sooner or later a bold editor is going to ‘expose’ us and the cat will truly be loose amongst the pigeons. It would suit our purposes fine if it occurred just before the election is called.

All we seek is the repeal of C 68 and thus the de-criminalization of several million very good and loyal citizens and freedom from the fear of total firearms confiscation. And we do not wish to wait while our elected employees in Ottawa play endlessly with our reputations, our honour, our private property and our money.

Many minor questions were covered in earlier MGR messages that were distributed by email. Comments on this Website will no doubt precipitate further discussion of all the relevant facets of the Morning Glory Rebellion.

“Bad Weed”
2 Jan 2008