Thursday, July 10, 2008


The Tide is Turning

I get the very strong impression that the tide for we gun owners is turning. And two events were no doubt both necessary to create the right atmospheric conditions for that to occur.

The American Supreme Court Ruling that gun ownership is an inherent right, and

Dave “Boo Boo” Miller’s unbelievable decision to follow Paul Martin into political oblivion by proposing a gun crime corrective action that is a) impossible to enforce, b) will not effect the guilty culprits and c) will cause the gang crime problem to escalate. Presumably he, like Hitler, also has a solution for the problem that he alone created. Ad infinitum! Ad nauseum! Ad Mortium!

The sudden increase in pro-gun activity and sentiment in Ontario is a response to Miller’s plan (A) and is welcomed by we westerners who have been much less inclined to cower in our foxholes these last dozen years. Could it be that thousands of Ontarians now realize that the OFAH proposals are huff and puff and ever so politically correct.

But, lads and lassies, the tide does not flow in forever, so if we are to launch our attack, let us get our war canoe into the deepening water at the first possible moment and bring our enemies to close grips.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

United Action

Willful Blindness is Suicide.

How many of the “X” million Canadian gun owners believe that the CPC, once (if) they achieve a majority at the polls will do one or more of the following?

A) Repeal C 68 in its entirety and re-negotiate, with the stakeholders (us) some form of gun (people) control.
B) Make a few minor changes to the present Firearms Act which will be “feel-good” measures and in no way hamper them, or future governments from confiscating some, or all firearms.
C) Make no changes, except to strengthen the control of the Nanny State over the serfs.
D) Whatever they do, they will hand over the mess for the renewed Liberals, who will win the subsequent election (as usual) and carry on where Paul Martin left off.

Now, before you put the question, review the following excerpt from an article by feature reporter Greg Thompson in the 1 July 2008 edition of the Kings County Record :

Para 6 (quote) “Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day says effective gun control requires high levels of compliance and these changes are designed to help that along” (unquote) [ The changes he refers to are the latest amnesty regulations].

Since the first amnesty regulations were invoked two years ago we have been proclaiming repeatedly that the amnesty changes were designed solely to increase the compliance percentage from the true 45% to something higher so that the UN Gin Grabbers could declare their plan to be an accomplished fact and therefore Canada is once again leading the civilized world into voluntary serfdom.

Anyone that believes, as does Doctor Mike Ackermann, our faithful representative on Stockwell Day’s so called Advisory Council, that we MUST vote Conservative at the next election as it is our only hope, are absolutely out to lunch. Perhaps Mike, being a Maritimer, suffers from that well-known Eastern “Party loyalty despite all contrary evidence” that has led them into many past election fiascos.

There are only two possible routes that we gun owners can follow. One is to listen to “No Logic Mike” and vote for the Harper/Day coalition (and then pray), or

Use our heads for a change, vote strategically so as to make our point by collective action, then use the next minority interregnum to talk some sense into the heads of all the Parliamentarians, and through them into the Ottawa bureaucracy.

A vote for the CPC will fullfill a death-wish for us, but eventually a gold mine for gun smugglers…..and they won’t be smuggling in duck guns and .22 target pistols.

We must first smarten up the Conservatives, THEN give them a majority.