Wednesday, April 23, 2008


When a government department such as Elections Canada can attack the governing party with apparent immunity, as they are presently doing, and when the Attorney General's paid staff can dictate to their minister, Stockwell Day, how he shall enforce the Firearms Act, we might reasonably presume that our present PM is ineffective, weak, cowardly and afraid.

If that be the case it doesn't matter whether he heads a minority or a majority government, nor does it matter how illogical the Guns Laws are, our snivel servants wield too big a stick and we can not expect relief while Steven Harper is at the helm. If we are to regain control of our country Mrs Harper's little boy Stevie has to go.

Ah problem solving! How does one rid the country of a jam tart PM especially at a time when Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition (ha ha) is headed by a self proclaimed philosopher who's primary talents are proclaiming lofty and unworkable theories and mangling our dominant language, which 'appens to be Anglais. Monsiuer Dione is incapable of leading two chiens affame into a boucherie! The civil service in Ottawa would have him on toast for breakfast.

So, we must dump them both simultaneously. Prove their worthlesness at the polls by....wait for it! VOTING GREEN and forcing both the Liberals and the CPC to fire their incompetent CEOs for leading our company (read country) into chaos, anarchy and near bankrupcy.

Like so many things in life, our governance may have to get worse before it gets better. The longer we wait the worse it will get and the harder for us to get back on course. Our first (and maybe last) opportunity will occur sometime between tomorrow and October 2009. Can you imagine the Gov. Gen. tapping Lizzy May on the shoulder? Well then, if not her, then who?

Friday, April 18, 2008


But perhaps the quiet that precedes a storm. Conflicting messages from the East (Mayor Miller vs. Minister Day) and not a peep from the PM. There is much media opinion about the "Green Parking Lot Party", referring of course to the increased number of votes that ended up in the Green Party box at the recent By Elections. Quite a few editorial comments from across the country confirmed our prediction of a year ago that discontented voters, for whatever reason, will park their vote with the Green Party.

The leaders of all four major political parties seem to be in a mad competition to see who can make the most stupid remark of the week, and it is a close battle indeed. So hang in there Rebels, Ottawa seems bent on self destructing. Compared to politicians south of the border we seem to have placed three cowards in the ring. Castration is obviously alive and well in Canuckistan. Leadership indeed!