Thursday, May 29, 2008

Canadian Men Have a Secret Problem

Erectile Dysfunction – A National Problem

Our problem is not one of sexual dysfunction but rather that we cannot seem to get enough non-criminal gun owners to STAND ERECT and oppose C 68 – all of it. This is especially true in Ontario and Quebec. There are a large group of gun-owning men who can only, in this context, be described as flaccid, limp, inoperative – certainly non assertive.

But such a masculine mass must surely be capable of arousal! Perhaps the inevitable realization that they are about to lose their firearms – their precious phallic symbols, might stir them into action. They might become men again and take pride in that. But they might just be too late.

If “standing Erect” cannot be achieved soon enough then we can all join hands with European men and daily face towards our capital cities and demonstrate our submissiveness. There has occurred in Europe a mental castration that is unique in history. Perhaps the killing of such a high percentage of healthy males during two world wars has had an irreversible impact on the gene pool. Maybe they have become so overwhelmed by ‘beta bucks’ that the occasional ‘alpha buck’ cannot alone correct the decline in masculinity.

I have no explanation for Sweden – they did not participate in either war (a few joined German S.S. Viking Divisions in WW 2) but they nonetheless seem to be extremely docile and submissive to their (female) bureaucratic dictatorship.

My only comment on British men is “Lord God, what happened?”

Holland can be summed up in the recent speech given by their Prime Minister. In response to threats made by the ever bolder Muslim immigrant minority he said, “We should be kind to the Muslims, then, when they become the majority they will be kind to us”. I have never heard of such a limp invitation to rape, plunder and decimation.

We definitely need a massive international shot of Viagra II.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Five Years – 10 Years Slammer? Bullshit & Intimidation!

Twelve years ago, when the Chr├ętien / Rock attempt at a dictatorial ultimatum was being waved under our noses, the threat of five to ten years of jail time for even the smallest of paper infractions scared the bejesus out of many otherwise upstanding men of this country. Men were frantically burying guns in the back yard and swearing their wives and children to secrecy. Or they went, cap in hand to the local cop shop to confess their sinful ways, beg forgiveness and, to absolve themselves, pay a small Catholic-like tithe to the Holy Church of Righteousness in Ottawa.

At the time a few of us, and precious few, were strongly urging our fellow gun owners to stand fast. This was based on the obvious fact, at least to us, that we did not have enough court-rooms, enough judges, enough cops, and most importantly enough bureaucratic will power to enforce the order. It flew in the face of the First military rule of Discipline, which states, “Never issue an unpopular order unless you are both willing and able to enforce it.” When our government had neither the will nor the ability to enforce C 68, it was obviously a hollow threat. Any semi-organized resistance to C 68 would reduce it to a laughable paper tiger. So we pleaded, mostly unheeded.

Now, these many years later there has been precious few who have even seen the inside of a jail cell, if a trial actually took place. They number less than ten. With a probable figure of three million people being non-compliant my point has been made. One incarceration out of 333.000 cannot strike terror into the hearts of men.The only person who has suffered a serious sentencing penalty is Bruce Montague, who asked for it. And realize this, he received only the absolute minimum that Judge Wright could get away with without having his action appealed by the Ontario Government. However saint-like Bruce and Donna appear to their many supporters, and I am one, Bruce is still the lone exception that proves my point. He could have been awarded at least ten years, according to C 68 and an appeal would have had little chance. He was found guilty of many charges by a jury of peers and pistols without serial numbers are not quite the same as a few .22 shells in the glove compartment.

Now the remaining millions who trembled at Allan Rock’s threat so many years ago are surely coming to realize that they had shrunk back in fear from a yappy little lap dog. All they had to do was to stand still, upright, and suggest that “Fido” should “Shut the hell up and go to your corner”. Are they now ashamed at their timidity? I hope so. But they can rejoin the ranks of the Canadian men with balls by doing something positive to encourage our equally gutless politicos to heave C 68 in the trash can where it belongs.

Now, let us first remember that C 68 was a strictly political move invented to upstage that twit Kim Campbell’s silly suggestions that the Conservative Government, if elected, and in the so-called interest of improving public safety, would impose some minor aggravating rules on the gun-owning public. It was a politically clever move by Chr├ętien & Company but that is all it was intended to achieve – an election win. I am sure it was to the total astonishment of the Liberals that “We shut the hell up and went to OUR corners”. That, of course, encouraged “Fido” to rush forward, yapping and snarling and he has been doing so ever since.

It should also be remembered that C 68 was a usurpation of provincial jurisdiction, and still is, if our gutless provincial politicians would start fighting for us and not against us.

Letters, petitions, appeals and threats have achieved nothing. The courts are immune from criticism and many judges still do not know the difference between “anointed” and “appointed”. Many of our police constables, national, provincial and municipal, are sucked in by their own propaganda and encouraged by a logically challenged bleeding heart public into believing that they can be a one-man judge and jury with a badge and a gun and don’t forget the Tazer, that kiddy gun that does not cause bleeding and stuff. That looks bad on TV. Our military also gives their people guns but they discipline the soldiers’ brains first.

The only people, and there are 308 of them, that can really do anything about C 68 are our Members of Parliament. They are a weak-willed bunch of bench warmers and must be made fearful of losing their cushy lifestyle and obscene and unearned financial rewards. This can only happen if we, the long-suffering gun owners, make them afraid for their bulging purses.

If every gun owner in the country votes GREEN at the next election the Greens might win fifteen seats. Is this really something to fear? We have been putting up with about fifty low-life separatists for the last umpteen years who have been alternating between threats to destroy our nation and sucking as much blood as they can get. The only constant thing they can claim is that they are in favour of gun control (people control).

But we won’t be able to stiffen the spine of three million cringing ‘law abiders’ so let us settle for 5000 per Riding. That is about half. By my calculations of a year ago the outcome in about 30 seats would be unpredictable. Given that there are 3 top contenders for each of these seats we will make 90 politicians and wanabees very, very nervous. And if you do not think that 90 nervous nellies, with their eyes on a hundred and seventy grand a year won’t make some noise on behalf of stability, you are truly uninformed about politics.

On the opposite side of the unpredictable coin, a mixture of thirty (more or less) Liberals, Conservatives or “closet communists” will not change the situation in Ottawa. What will change is that both Harper and Dion will be gone for failing to bring in a majority and all politicians, federal and otherwise will now fully recognize what serious “block voting” means. Hell, the frenchies, Chinese, native Indians, Sikhs and all other minority tribes have been doing it for years. Or should I say have been doing it TO US for years.

Let’s get on top for a change. Join hands, fire a bunch of MPs – the rest will listen!