Thursday, July 10, 2008


The Tide is Turning

I get the very strong impression that the tide for we gun owners is turning. And two events were no doubt both necessary to create the right atmospheric conditions for that to occur.

The American Supreme Court Ruling that gun ownership is an inherent right, and

Dave “Boo Boo” Miller’s unbelievable decision to follow Paul Martin into political oblivion by proposing a gun crime corrective action that is a) impossible to enforce, b) will not effect the guilty culprits and c) will cause the gang crime problem to escalate. Presumably he, like Hitler, also has a solution for the problem that he alone created. Ad infinitum! Ad nauseum! Ad Mortium!

The sudden increase in pro-gun activity and sentiment in Ontario is a response to Miller’s plan (A) and is welcomed by we westerners who have been much less inclined to cower in our foxholes these last dozen years. Could it be that thousands of Ontarians now realize that the OFAH proposals are huff and puff and ever so politically correct.

But, lads and lassies, the tide does not flow in forever, so if we are to launch our attack, let us get our war canoe into the deepening water at the first possible moment and bring our enemies to close grips.

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