Monday, December 31, 2007

Copy of Election Results 2006

These Election Results do not appear to be available online, however, I can send you a copy from my computer file on request. It is an Excel file of 300 kb. Post your request here with your email address. This offer is made so that you may verify my conclusions.

Monday, December 24, 2007


Sink…or Swim

(The Denial of my Free Right to Own Guns For Self-Defence is Illogical)

My Argument is this:

Just because you do not wish to learn to swim, or buy life jackets for your family does not mean that you should ever think to prohibit me from learning or buying.

Now, delete “swim” and “life jackets” and replace with “shoot” and “firearms”.

Because there is no significant difference, as risks to our families go, between deep and dangerous waters on the one hand, and fearsome predators such as alligators, cougar, bears, violent Muslims and drug-addicted criminals on the other, my argument stands. You may plead that neither you nor your family ever goes near water and that is your business, and might even be true. However, none of us can forever avoid the predators that are a constant threat to us. Sooner or later one will challenge us and only a firearm provides adequate and logical defence against them all. That is why firearms were invented and it is why they are carried, loaded, worldwide, by police and soldiers.

Formulate all possible rebuttals to the basic logic of my argument. Present them in any way you wish – you nonetheless may be perceived as a fool or a coward, or both!

I flatly refuse to be disarmed by a society of fools and cowards, for I am neither.

Let the predator fear me.

And because the anti-gun lobby will always throw up fallacious counter arguments, consider these:
There are many more babies downed by their mothers than are shot by their fathers. More people die by accidental drowning than by accidental shooting. More people die on fishing trips than on hunting trips. Drowning is usually permanent; gunshots are usually not. Both are preventable or avoidable with proper training and equipment.
Finally this. I alone have the responsibility for myself and my family to prevent death by drowning or by shooting. No person dare interfere with my right or my duty.

When facing a predator, a gun in hand is always superior to a cop on the phone.

A Pretty Flower – but Mean!

Morning Glory is so pretty a name for a creeping insidious vine,
And ‘Right Honourable’ is too high a salute for a man whose talent is lyin’.
There’s been too many falsehoods spoken by St. Stephen on the Mount.
Promises made….. then broken, deceptions out of count.

So we give our final warning to a man we cannot trust,
He needs to get this message before we make the break we must.
We’ll plant seeds of Pomoea Indicta in the Ridings all around,
Let Indicta rumble deep in our “gardens”, let politicos fear the sound.

Once the seeds and roots are planted they won’t rid themselves of this pest,
So the threat is there – let the PM beware or we’ll force him out of his nest.

Firearms are not the problem it’s the criminals he must pursue,
And we may need those guns for protection if he wont do what he must do!
If our warning goes unheeded we will take pencil into hand,
And mark an ‘X’ where it will do the most good, to show him how we stand.

We advocate block voting, because that is Stephen’s way,
See him shovel out cash by the bucket, to Kweebek or Indian or gay.
“So, we repeat the warning, Stephen, it will be your ox that’s gored,
When we prove at the polls that our pencils ARE mightier than your sword!”

In case our P.M. doesn’t know where the 15% of support went to - he should
look closely - because there’s more departing every day.