Saturday, June 14, 2008


The Morning Glory Rebellion was conceived as the best method of getting the attention of our Parliamentarians and it was designed to be the simplest, most economical, secure and effective method of doing that.

What we did not explain, and should have, is the logic behind our selection of this priority. So here is our reasoning. We have four major problems in Canada which manifest themselves in the conception, implementation, application and persistence of Bill C-68 and the subsequent amendments to the Firearms Act.

These national problems as they affect C 68 and subsequent laws are:

1) Bill C 68 was conceived by parliamentarians (Chr├ętien and Rock) to win an election, not, as is claimed, to enhance public order. They achieved their aim by deceit and they thereby criminalized honest law-abiding people. This action is not what these men were elected to do. Their successors are little better.
2) The various police departments in the country varied greatly in their interpretation of these new laws depending on how they view their responsibility to the public, of which they often forget they are a part. Many truly believe they are the elites. This happened because the vast majority of police in Canada are only sworn to obey orders. The New Westminster Police of B.C. are an exception.
3) Our courts have applied their own interpretations to these new laws but their judgments tend, along with all others “in this new legal age” to punish the innocent while leaning only lightly on the criminal.
4) The many bureaucrats who support, and apply pressure to enforce the Firearms Act do so unsupervised by their Ministers, such as Stockwell Day, who don’t understand what they are doing but dare not offend their staff by offering firm directions. The tail therefore wags the dog. Life is easier that way.

So who controls what? The answer is simple. The parliament of this country should and can control the basic actions and directions of the other three, but over time they have abrogated that responsibility. Life for them is easier that way. It is not easier for the public body but the over-riding reason this all transpired is that we grew fat, lazy and, emulating our canine pets, fell asleep in the sun. We thought life was easier that way. Well the sun has sunk behind the rising cloud that warns of a major storm and great danger. We must not ignore the alarm bells because our children’s lives are risk.

The only action we can take in order to correct all four problems is Priority #1. We cannot redirect the courts. We cannot re-organize the police forces and we cannot “get at” our paid servants. Only Parliament can have any real effect on the other three. And the best way to achieve that goal is via the Morning Glory Rebellion.

If you believe otherwise, log on and state your case. If you agree then show your true colours by saying so and spreading the word.

Friday, June 6, 2008


The Winds of Change

No sooner had I written of my anxiety that Canadian men, especially in Central Canada, need a shot of Super Viagra to make them “stand up” than news from Ontario indicates that the fear of losing their guns has awakened a ten year dormant ground-swell of opposition to Dan Miller and his limp-wristed cohorts.

This is good. This is more than good because there never has been much doubt that many Westerners were going to defy C 68 right to the wall – and beyond if necessary. There may be more than a token resistance movement in the Maritimes but our lousy western news media think the Canada ends at the Kagnawaga Indian Reserve and seldom report on anything east of there unless it has to do with killing seals or the sexual activities (or speculation thereon) of various useless Ottawa bench-warmers.

We heartily applaud the efforts of Ontario gun owners to resist the efforts of Dan Miller (shades of expired chicken farmer Heinrich Himmler) to render a million grown men in the GTA into eunuchs or castrato tenors with one swift stroke of a sharp knife.

Power to the people. Down with dictators. Forward the Morning Glory Rebellion.