Sunday, January 27, 2008

Don't Forget

Don’t Forget Our Primary Target….

…..which is to convince the Conservatives that there are more gun owning voters who insist that Bill C 68 be repealed in its entirety than there are adherents to Miss Cukier’s merry band of would-be castrators. We are three million strong…they number only in the hundreds. Surely Stockwell Day can count, even if the boy economist cannot!

Despite Stephen’s protestations to the contrary there are many things that a minority government can do without the consent of the opposition Parties and they had better start doing some of them before it is too late to convince our followers that we have won. In that case, the Conservatives will lose their one and only chance for a majority government, and Stephen will be looking for new employment.

A major wave of Green-voters may take some time to re-direct.

We urge you all to watch for positive signs that the CPC has got the message. But do not get sucked in by things like Bill C 24.

If the Mounties can find no sign of criminal behavior in Lyin Bryin’s conduct in the Airbus Affair then there isn’t a crook in the country ! If they can be ordered to get off Lyin Bryin’s back they can be ordered to get off ours!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Whither Now, Patriots

Keep it Quiet, for Now

The subject of how much of a Following we have came up at a recent MGR session. I don’t know, and nor does anyone else.

Is that good or bad?
After subsequent thought I have concluded that it is good. The enemy must always be prepared for the worst and the less they know, the more they have to fear.

I think that we will have the most effect if we surprise the hell out of a lot of people when the ballots are tallied. Only if both the Conservatives and the Liberals fear a major rebellion beforehand will we see them cut a deal. I do not believe that enough of the three million legitimate gun owners will openly declare for the MGR to make that likely, so we will play the game, ”There’s a shark in the water but we won’t tell you where.”

Nothing much is going to happen to Gun Control until the Conservatives know for sure that we can hurt them. There are presently a couple of small issues that may point to a slight relaxation within the Conservative Party but that only encourages me to push harder, to see if we can open the gap. Meanwhile they may bring in a couple of meaningless amendments in an attempt to appease the peasants.

On the table it is their move. We should continue to spread Morning Glory seeds and wait quietly. From the speech given by Stockwell Day in response to the demand by Toronto’s mayor for an immediate ban on handguns I see the first indication of more rigid wording in our favour, but because politicians play with words and innuendo like a cat plays a mouse, when the mouse lies dead on the floor we will know its fate, not before.

There is a time limit on how long Harper can string this Parliament out – October 2009. He can create an immediate election any time he wants to lure the Opposition into defeating his Government. It is his call, but time is on OUR side. Even if the status remains quo for 20 more months I can see us only constantly expanding our plan. The PM will buy some votes here and there but he can’t buy enough to guarantee himself a majority. The legitimate gun owners alone can give him that, but we will have to see an abolishment of the People Registry first, and even then all may not be forgiven.

And we must not ever again be held to account for what the politicians, courts, Immigration Department and police together have failed to do about the armed criminal element in Canada. There is absolutely no sense in any government wasting our money attempting to confiscate our property. We are not the problem, never have been!

The sole responsibility of any Justice Department is to provide a just society, not an environment that encourages criminal activity and injustice. In short, “Get off my back, cop, and go catch a real crook!”

Monday, January 14, 2008

Who is the Real Crook?

Abuse of Authority

It is not only Police who can be guilty of the above noted criminal offence. Members of Parliament, especially Cabinet Ministers, can also be guilty of that charge.

We maintain that three prime ministers and three or more Crown Ministers are guilty of that charge. That came about by the simple act of creating the infamous Bill C 68 and then amending the Firearms Act and the Criminal Code and by causing the police forces of Canada to enforce what are illegal laws.

They are illegal because the authority to create laws pertaining to personal property are, in the BNA Act, the sole domain of the provincial legislatures. Ottawa never had the right to create laws pertaining to Personal Property (which includes firearms). They do have the right to create laws pertaining to serious crime. But they do not have the right or authority to create a new crime that applies to law-abiding citizens who refuse to register private property. Neither can they demand a registry or fee of people who drive on provincial roads or fishermen who fish in provincial water or hunters who hunt on provincial crown land or drillers who drill for mineral resources on provincial land.

Simply put, Stephen Harper and Stockwell Day, and their predecessors are all guilty of imposing regulations that derive from an illegal Act. By that same process all Members of Parliament who know this fact and do nothing to expose it are in default of their sworn oath to uphold the principle of law.

I doubt that anyone will even try to rebut this statement. The fact of the matter is not that two million gun owners are guilty of a criminal act but that 308 present Members of Parliament and an unknown number of ex-MPs are the real crooks because they fail(ed) to denounce a crime being committed by their peers.

Writing petitions and letters, holding protest meetings, wasting time and money in court appeals have so far produced nothing of consequence in having C 68 repealed. These actions by otherwise law-abiding paper criminals has had serious financial effects on the accused and appellants and a considerable waste of everybody’s dollars to pay the Crown employees and police to harass innocent people and to record the serial numbers on their private property in an illegal central registry.

If the passage and imposition of C 68 is an illegal act then it is time that those who created that Act and those who still impose its subsequent illegal Rules and Regulations be charged with abuse of authority in the same manner that would apply to an overbearing and intimidating police constable.

The Morning Glory Rebellion provides an economical and effective way to tell our overpaid bench warmers to quit supporting a serious abuse of authority. The need and necessity of maintaining law and order applies equally to all citizens but most especially to all who have sworn an oath to do so.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

To the Ladies

Who Loses the Most When Firearms are Confiscated?

It is a fact that one half of a household’s assets, under Canadian Law, belong equally to each of a spousal couple. So, furniture, appliances, autos, boats, sleds AND firearms will be split down the middle in case of divorce or permanent separation. But if the firearms are at any time confiscated and destroyed, your asset becomes zero.

The total value of the firearms in Canada is not too difficult to estimate. There are 3 million gun owners who possess 3.5 firearms apiece. These are conservative (government) figures. For sake of argument an average value of these guns (replacement cost today) can be set at $500 each. Out with the calculators, or if you are from my age group, do it in your head. The answer is five and a quarter billion dollars! Now add the value of all other assets that will become worthless if firearms are confiscated; hunting cabins, ATVs, hand loading equipment, scopes, tree stands, camo clothing and all the other things that gun owners/hunters have purchased over the years. It takes no imagination to arrive at a figure of ten billion dollars gone into the trash can.

Half of those assets, five thousand million dollars, belong to the female half.

Now why on earth would any sane woman support gun control? Maybe this is a rare case of the ladies of this country losing sight of property values! And if the statistics in those of the American States that do not allow concealed carry are to be believed, the fear that Canadian city women now have of the night streets or even a walk in the park will get a hell of a lot worse. Why would any sane woman vote for that?

Oh, I forgot! All you need do is to dial 911 and the constabulary will rush to the scene and rescue you from the armed crook or rapist. If you believe that you probably still believe in the tooth fairy!

No, ladies, gun control, which is hysterically promoted by the same people that support the United Nations planned ban of all small arms, will leave you poorer and terribly vulnerable. If you like”poor and vulnerable”, then support gun control.

Or be rid of that fear in an instant – join the Morning Glory Rebellion. We are doing something positive to protect YOU and YOUR PROPERTY along with man’s historical right to hunt and his duty to protect his family. By using the Internet we are doing it virtually free of cost. We are using a political party to achieve our aim – the repeal of Bill C 68. Read more about the Morning Glory Rebellion.

Anyone who holds a contrary view is encouraged to challenge this opinion.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Where Did the MGR Concept Come From?

The MGR was conceived after a study was made of the election results of all 308 Ridings in the 2006 Federal Election. This study was done to seek a strategy whereby the approximately three million lawful gun owners could exert effective political pressure to have Bill C 68 repealed. Once the details were transferred to an Excel spreadsheet some important facts became very evident.

Firstly, in a large number of Ridings the winner squeaked in with a very small margin. Secondly, many of these marginal winners were first time candidates. Thirdly, in many Ridings that were won with small majorities by CPC candidates, , the Green Party had gained an unusually high percentage of the vote. This was not explained by the Green candidate being particularly popular, especially in the previous election.

The following twelve CPC candidates were noteworthy in that the Green Party received more than twice the national average (3.7%) of Green votes in their Ridings.. The Green percentage appears in brackets behind each MP’s name. Anders (10.3%) Cannan (8.0%), Clement (8%), Day (7.6%), Harper (7.7%), Lunn (9.9%), Miller (12.9%), Prentice (11.8%), Richardson (11,7%), Tilson (10.0%), Thompson (10.8%) and Zeisman (11.3%).

It was concluded that many otherwise loyal CPC voters were unhappy with their CPC Candidate, and being unwilling to switch to another of the major parties, decided to ‘park’ their vote as a protest. Unpopular candidates of other parties appeared to suffer the same fate.

It became immediately apparent that any sizeable increase in the Green vote at the next election might upset the applecart in about 30 Ridings and make it impossible to estimate the overall result. Another obvious implication is that an unexpected increase in ‘parked’ Green votes would result in another minority for the Harper gang. That in turn would probably see the end of both Harper and Dion, and maybe Layton too. Because the supporters of the MGR do not trust Harper to repeal C 68 if he should get a majority, this result would be exactly what we want. Such an obvious result should also give heart to many Canadians who have come to believe “there is nothing we can do”. The very fact that our vote is secret should encourage many gun owners of uncertain determination to secretly vote for the Green candidate. No one need ever know. Therein lies our strength.
We can never estimate how much effect the MGR will have and neither can anyone else!

Before a word was spoken about the Morning Glory Rebellion all possible contingent results were investigated, including a major upsurge of Green votes to as many as 10,000 in each Riding. The most severe outcome would be an even more unpredictable upset but with the CPC still getting only a shaky minority. A Green candidate would need to gain about 25,000 votes in any given Riding to win a seat and this was considered to be highly unlikely. And even if the Green Party did win 2 or 3 seats nothing would change in Ottawa as a result. And if the majority of pro Green voters were Party members and also held hunting licences, who would control the Green Party?

Summary. 1) Parking one’s vote temporarily is a frequent and age-old tactic of otherwise loyal party members. 2) During elections where there are many Ridings with unpredictable outcomes, (Election 2006), such ‘parking’ of one’s vote can have a severe effect. The real impact on sitting Members can be lost of seat, end of political career, loss of pension, etc. 3) With the present (December 2007) uncertainty for all political parties the mere existence of such a movement as the Morning Glory Rebellion can have a major effect, with relatively few votes and THIS WILL ALREADY BE OBVIOUS TO THE BACK ROOM PLANNERS OF ALL PARTIES. It is worthwhile to note that our Morning Glory plan will only work in a “First past the post” electoral system.

Because of the smoke and mirrors obscurity of Canadian politics, none dare mention the ‘R’(rebel)word. Many MPs and several newspaper editors know about the MGR but not a peep do we hear. Are they afraid that the MGR might gain momentum if there was any public discussion?

Good! Because sooner or later a bold editor is going to ‘expose’ us and the cat will truly be loose amongst the pigeons. It would suit our purposes fine if it occurred just before the election is called.

All we seek is the repeal of C 68 and thus the de-criminalization of several million very good and loyal citizens and freedom from the fear of total firearms confiscation. And we do not wish to wait while our elected employees in Ottawa play endlessly with our reputations, our honour, our private property and our money.

Many minor questions were covered in earlier MGR messages that were distributed by email. Comments on this Website will no doubt precipitate further discussion of all the relevant facets of the Morning Glory Rebellion.

“Bad Weed”
2 Jan 2008