Thursday, October 16, 2008


Double Trouble for the Major Political Parties

A preliminary analysis of the 2008 election results in British Columbia, reveals a trend to a large swing to the Green Party at the expense of the CPC, LPC and NDP. The Greens have gone from a provincial average of 5.3% of the vote in 2006 to 9.4%. which is an increase of 76%. We must await the official results to become available in a few weeks for total accuracy but for our purposes we will celebrate nearly double as a confirmation that the Morning Glory Rebellion may have achieved some result in our plan to warn the established parties that we have had enough!

Regardless of whatever or whoever was responsible, unhappy people are parking their votes and thus the three major parties all suffered a loss of voter support..

I am sure that Stephan Dion, for his failure, will be down the road by next Spring.

When that happens, Caesar Stephanus will start to panic in fear of the inevitable election call and subsequent Liberal resurgence. This is especially dangerous for him if a bilingual Anglo like Frank McKenna of New Brunswick becomes the new leader of the Liberal Party.If in doubt, read Canadian political history. Also plaguing him will be the government accounts which will be fairly well depleted due to world economics, low oil, gas and uranium prices, low personal income tax and corporate returns and his drunken bribing during the recent election run-up.

The Morning Glory Rebellion will now enter phase 2; an advertising campaign and concurrent fund raising effort. All money will be split evenly between funding the advertising and the WRT Legal Aid Fund, which was recently depleted in order to support four current legal Charter Challenges to the Firearms Act . Those four separate cases are being fought by Bruce Montague, Mike Kearney, Ed Hudson and Ed Scherbey.

Donations will be gladly accepted and used for the stated purpose. If you wish for anonymity make your payment to me, in person, by Postal Money Order and mail to:

Willy Floyd,
The Morning Glory Rebels,
Box 193,
Westbridge, B.C. V0H 2B0

All Donations will be acknowledged with receipt and record kept on a secret (paper) file.

The Morning Glory Rebellion was so designed that no one would know who is involved other than me. I do not know who you are and no one will ever know who voted Green because of my appeal. We will be ready to fight the battle again if the Conservatives do not wake up and dump the Firearms Act and replace it with legislation that attacks criminal behavior without intruding in any way on the lawful activities of law abiding gun owners. Self defence is our Right and we demand that our government acknowledge it rather than forcing us to constantly grovel for what is inherently ours.

God granted us all that freedom but governments want to take it away. They might do so on paper (such as Bill C 68 (1995) but no one can take the right of self defence away from a person UNLESS THAT PERSON AGREES. Even then, that forfeiture cannot apply to another human.

Those who have registered themselves as gun owners may have compromised their right of self defence in the eyes of the bureaucracy and the courts but the fact remains that while you are alive you can redeem that right on demand. Do it! Demand to be de-registered.

Willy Floyd

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Why Gamble - Your Way to Victory is Clear

The Following message was posted today to the Canadian Firearms Digest. It might be meaningful to all disgruntled Canadians.

Less than two weeks to go so there is lots of time to consider the options we face. There are only two that make any sense.

Cross your fingers, pray, and vote for Harper when every evidence points to a continued pressure by his Party to eventually remove all firearms, or

Park your vote temporarily with the Greens, knowing full well that they can never even form a minor opposition. Know that in B.C. in 2006 the average number of votes that won a Riding was 23,136 votes.

Which of the 36 Ridings in B.C. is likely to produce 23,000 votes for the Greens, no matter how many are convinced to go that route?


No Green Candidate elected means absolutely no input into the Gun Debate, their stated policy be damned, but......

vote Green and hand Harper another minority and watch the sparks fly! Let Harper see how many citizens are cheesed off by his continuous enforcing of the LIEBERAL Gun Laws, buying of votes, especially in Ontario & Quebec, Race-Based salmon fishery in B.C., Income Trust cock-up, ad nauseum and we will see a change of attitude or we will see a change of the residents at 24 Sussex.

Let him see that he cannot ever win a majority without the EARNED supposrt of we two million plus honest, trustworthy Canadians. Then you will see him do what he has to do and EARN THAT SUPPORT. He must eventually force another election by introducing a "Repeal C 68 Bill". Then he may win a majority.

Or, you can retreat back to square one, try to give him a majority now without him ever giving you reason to trust him and we can do a tearful prayer dance around a massive pile of walnut gunstocks.

I will bet my next pension cheque that on the 14th many of you "Doubting Thomases" will see the light and give Lizzy May your $ 1.70.

It will be the cheapest investment you have ever made for your grandchildren's future rights. They do not have any at present.

For the good of us all let us see some of that 1812, VIMY and JUNO BEACH SPIRIT. We must strike strategically.