Thursday, August 28, 2008


Libertarian or Green

Recent events have encouraged me to make a slight change in the method of achieving the Morning Glory Rebellion.

Because the Libertarian Party has come to life and have 41 candidates listed for the forthcoming Federal Election, I encourage citizens to vote Libertarian in Ridings where there is a candidate. Of course I would have long since recommended that we use the Libertarian Party of Canada as a vehicle to voice our protest against Stephan Harper had they offered a Candidate in every Riding, but they didn’t.

The Libertarian Party of Canada can be located at where
all your questions will be answered. They list a total of 41 Candidates Canada wide, which is only 13% coverage. You are urged to consider this alternative, especially if you cannot be persuaded to vote Green.

Voting either way will achieve our aim to give a long overdue kick in the behind to the politicians of the three major parties. You may even like what the Libertarians stand for.

I do.