Monday, September 1, 2008

Fall Election?

Who is Abusing Whom?

Now we have our PM hinting at - threatening - preparing us for - a fall election. The excuse is given as “Because of the unco-operative opposition parties our minority government is dysfunctional therefore we will have an election, the CPC will win a majority, and we will once again become a functioning government”

The present government may be dysfunctional, but primarily because it has become a one man band – a Harper dictatorship without force and effect.

My opinion is, and I am not by any means alone in this, that Dion is weak, the Liberals are broke and a recession is building that will seriously increase the EI and welfare rolls in Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes. If Obama wins in the States in November, it will be that much worse in Central Canada. Therefore, Harper will force the election now for no other reason than we may not get the majority we want ( read I want badly) but if the Liberals fire Dion (that is, he resigns) they may beat us next year. The sticking point in all of this is that Harper said, several months ago, words to the effect that, “The Americans have a financial problem building but we in Canada will not have a problem; or economy is strong”. If he waits too long his bragging will surely cost him dearly in the heartland of his support

Most importantly, the latest Polls show that a fall election will result in the same results as the last time or, for the Conservatives, slightly worse.

Harper’s response. ….Go to the polls now and pray like hell.

What has this got to do with Bill C 68 and the Morning Glory Rebellion?

There will never be a better opportunity to upset the Ottawa Apple Cart and show a united front that will cost many borderline Members of Parliament their jobs. We may even have the opportunity of having a pro-gun voice in Parliament. The cost will be only ten dollars a head when we gun-owners have already lost hundreds, if not thousands of dollars and stand to lose a lot more if a majority government is elected before we can get C 68 repealed.

And we gun-owners are not alone; there are lots of folks unhappy with the CPC.

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