Sunday, March 16, 2008

Today's Opinion

Getting to the Root of Our Problem

When our highly trained police cannot instantly or will not correctly assess the risk posed by an assailant what hope have we? How do we avoid the wrath of ourselves and family by under assessing the risk, or later, the wrath of a vindictive judge post facto?

Our archaic self-defence laws must be revised to reflect reality. In short, if you are in my domicile illegally and with obvious criminal intent and you refuse to leave you may die, and quickly. In this case I must be the judge. This is a task I can better perform than any cop on the end of a 911 call.

And, there may be some obscure justification for not charging a policeman for even a blatantly excessive use of force, but I fail to see what it might be. The public and the police know when “Johnny Yellow Legs” has exceeded the use of necessary force and to pretend otherwise is much like running from a guard dog. All you do is entice it to do more damage.

These factors together are creating a police state in Canada.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

To New Viewers Investigating the MGR

In order to understand the logic Behind the Morning Glory Revolution you might wish to start at our first message "A Pretty Flower..." which is in the 2007 archive on this Blogsite. The short essay, " Sink - or Swim" is an analogy that explains our position. Other messages that follow explain our reasoning for advocating our plea that all gun owners must park their vote with the Green Party at the next election.

Should you have any questions or suggestions please add YOUR message.