Sunday, September 7, 2008



Now that the election has been called you have 30 days to decide what you are going to do. If you are truly happy with Harper’s handling of things over the last two and a half years, then vote for him, by all means. If you are UNHAPPY you must make a voting choice that will express your unhappiness. It is too late now to talk of joining the CPC and voice your opinion at the next local Association meeting.

Let’s talk choices, there are only five,

1) Vote for another major party candidate but first take a good hard look at Dion and Layton and what they can or will do for you,

2) Vote for all candidates, thus spoiling your ballot and tell them all that you are unhappy. This will not send a message to anyone.

3) Do not vote. This will send a message to no one because they will not know why you did not vote.

4) Park your vote with the Green Party Candidate - there will be one in all 308 Ridings. That will upset the results in at least 28 Ridings and will result in another minority CPC government. It will also be the eventual death knell to both Harper and Dion because they will quickly lose the support of their political party’s hierarchy. If the Greens do win a couple of seats as a result of a mass parking of votes they will have no influence in a parliament of any mixture.

5) Or vote for a Libertarian Candidate if one is running in your Riding. They will not likely win even one seat, but their rise in popularity will, like an increase in the Green Party’s success, be taken as a warning that the vox populi is indeed sending ‘them’ a serious warning. That warning is “Live up to the promises and commitments you made in 2006, or else!”

Whether your gripe has to do with income trusts, oil revenues, corporate welfare, gun control, race-based fisheries, judicial weakness, health care or favouritism to Quebec, only one of the above 5 choices is likely to see a noticeable improvement in the next few years. Harper faces an internal revolution in his party if he does not win a majority this time, and he won’t, and all the Liberals have to do is replace Dion with a more acceptable potential Prime Minister and they will win a subsequent election, hands down. History supports this prediction.

What is your choice?

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